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Member Rating: 7.06 Lou Charmelle - Date Added: Thursday, 06/02/2011
Lou Charmelle's honeymoon is about to get bigger and blacker. We begin the festivities with Lou and her man just moments after saying their sacred wedding vows. Normally, this is an important day in a woman's life but "Mr. Shortcomings" is packing as much as a limp mouse. Lou, intent on getting her vertical smile demolished, brings in a heavy hitter so that her husband can know what he's in store for. Shane Diesel placed his kong-sized black cock in Lou's mouth until her nostrils flared up. Mr. Sissy Cuckold could only manipulate his minuscule meat as his wife's throat resembled a snake's body as it digested its latest kill. Our black cock slut from across the pond slobbered all over Shane's dipstick right before her vaginal walls were to become ruined for her husband. Shane's black drill wrecked havoc on French's pussy and her husband's tiny cock grew by as much as 1 inch from all the mayhem. The love wasn't lost as Lou and her husband made out as Shane did his damage from behind. The loving couple would be on their way, but not before Shane's nut-loogie oozed from Lou's pussy which meant her husband's feeding time was at hand.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member fleck**** Said:
Wow! Licking black man's goo out of a whores pussy is just about the filthiest thing a man can do. Nasty!

Member camar**** Said:
shane looks like he loves this shit

Member mdpoi**** Said:
Now that's a true cuck vid. The guy truly licks the semen from the girl's pussy. She looks like she enjoys it. More of this.

Member PRWfo**** Said:
She looked caught in passion when having her creampie licked.

Member nsdar**** Said:
she looked terrified with shanes huge cock in her face! do more skinny bitches like this. she loved that huge cock from what i could tell. great scene

Member wrigh**** Said:
More newlywed scenes please--maybe even a bachelorette party where the husband to be sees his beloved choking on nigga cock

Member bitch**** Said:
so sexy, and probably the darkest tanned lady on cuckold sessions, lol, i mean seriously get some asian and latino ladies on CS PLEASE!!!

Member eddy1**** Said:
why do they have the wimp lick her ass hole so we can see. when are we going to see some jizz cuming out her ass and the wimp licking it up?

Member harke**** Said:
tired of seeing eastern euro girls

Member benny**** Said:
please aged 18, 19, 20, 21 ,22...only!!!!!

Member anico**** Said:
Hope other scenes with lady aged 60+. My wife is facinated by so big black cock.

Member guana**** Said:

Member PUTIT**** Said:
i love this movie i would like on my honey moon a mandingo fucking my wife and me sucking the chock too ummmm and wearing lingerie in front off the mandingo and my wife could you put some movie with the husband sucking cock?

Member eemar**** Said:
There should be more bridal cuckold scenes. Nothing is hotter.

Member bills**** Said:
this is the best cuckold scene. diesel dong kills little hot chicks

Member bigbi**** Said:
wow. i am smaller than the white dude

Member banks**** Said:
This chick is a certified 10. And Shane holds it down all the time keeps it real. Most girls are like this anyway they will always choose the more dominant "Diesel" guy over the wuss and fuck him right in front of her BF.

Member studa**** Said:
Molly Rae for Cuckold Sessions!

Member donts**** Said:
my favorite by far!

Member jezth**** Said:
One of the best, more brides and cucks, awesome!

Member jeter**** Said:
Great Creampie Hot bitch

Member stevi**** Said:
Good scene, should have left the wedding dress on for longer

Member black**** Said:
French girl is hot... another scene like this please.

Member zzBai**** Said:
I second the request for a blacks on brides series. In fact about six months ago i sent you all a letter suggesting as much. I hope you can see all the options available in this type of series and how it plays perfectly to what we want to see. Even marriage isn't sacred to Black Cock Whore!

Member alvie**** Said:
nice creampie & creampie eating

Member tiger**** Said:
Great scene - just wish she was better with english - still great one - good job!

Member berti**** Said:
Subject matter and photography BRILLIANT How about a Brides on Black series?!!!!!

Member tgray**** Said:
Thank god there was a creampie in this scene. It would be a shame to waste a cum shot on her feet for a hot babe like that. A creampie that good had to be eaten, and our man Jimmy stepped up to the plate. Way to go Jimmy.

Member bigbl**** Said:
Scene was just ok. I realize the language barrier to a certain extent. But the dialogue was shit. She barely spoke, Shane told her almost everything to say. Need to hear the girl come up with her own stuff and put down the cuck. She is hot, but needed to much coaching on what to say. Let's get back to American whores!

Member eatcu**** Said:
Holy fuck! The cock sucking and kissing was enough to make me cum! She's gorgeous!

Member cunid**** Said:
love french actress ^^

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